May 6, 2020

4 Ways to Perfect Your Reactive Marketing

4 Ways to Optimize Your Reactive Marketing Campaigns Reactive marketing is when your business places ads or other marketing material for your services in channels were your target consumers are…
April 29, 2020

Content Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2020

What Does 2020 Look Like for Content Marketing? Content will continue to reign as king in the digital marketing landscape from 2020 onwards, if the string of developments from Google…
April 22, 2020

Emotional Triggers for a Higher Email CTR

On Emails and Emotions: The Psychological Triggers that Boost Your Click-Through Rate Attracting digital shoppers is tricky. Attention alone is a culprit — the average attention span lasts only eight seconds, which…
April 15, 2020

Social Media Sites Worth Your Investment in 2020

Trending Social Platforms: Which Social Media Platforms are Worth Your Time in 2020? The already long list of social media platforms is still growing, with dozens of apps developed and…