Social Media Sites Worth Your Investment in 2020

Trending Social Platforms: Which Social Media Platforms are Worth Your Time in 2020?

The already long list of social media platforms is still growing, with dozens of apps developed and launched every year. And with an audience of over 3.4 billion, it comes as no surprise that businesses want to take advantage of that reach. The challenge for businesses, therefore, is to choose platforms that would generate a robust ROI. Because you have to allocate their resources smartly, you should identify the social media sites that would help them reach their targets.

Waypoint Creative has compiled a list of social media platforms that are worth your investment in 2020:


It comes as no surprise that the social media giant will confidently generate a return on your investment. With over 2 billion monthly active users with a wide age range of 18-65, Facebook boasts an impressive reach. In fact, you can find almost anyone on Facebook, including all segments of your audience. Moreover, you can post diverse content on your profile, making it still one of the best sites to invest in.


Instagram is a haven for product-based businesses, especially companies that market a certain lifestyle. Images are a brand’s power tool; the prettier the picture, the better. Instagram also has business tools, like contact buttons and product tags, to help companies market their offers.

Like Facebook, its active users breach the billion mark, with over 1 billion users. The site, however, serves a younger audience. More than half of Instagram’s population is younger than 34 years old.

So if your target demographic falls within this age group, Instagram is your social site of choice.


Professionalism is the hallmark of LinkedIn. The site serves over 303 million people, who are mostly professionals, and fosters a formal environment. It’s a hub for CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to forge a spotless image of their companies. As such, LinkedIn works better for B2B businesses rather than B2C. Here, companies can attract decision-makers and influencers who will patronize their brand.

Your return on investment could also come in the form of promising talent. LinkedIn allows companies to demonstrate their competitive training programs, work-life balance, and harmonious company culture to attract skilled candidates.


You might think that YouTube is limited to influencers and gamers, but it has proven powerful, too, in business marketing. About 80% of online traffic is claimed by video — a strong indication that people would rather watch than read. So, product reviews, instructional videos, and service walkthroughs will be appreciated by your audience.


If we’re talking about audience size, Twitter also boasts an extremely wide reach, with 321 million monthly users. It has a shorter user age range though, with its users falling between 18 and 49 years old.

What makes Twitter an effective marketing tool is that it provides a steady stream of information for your followers. It’s handy for announcements because posts are designed to be short, sweet, and shareable. It also works well for consistent updates because you can create multiple tweet threads that cover different topics.

Most importantly, Twitter works best for brand awareness — it’s the ideal social media platform if you want to gain traction in the digital space.

Even though these five social media sites feature a wide reach and specialized business tools, your brand still needs a social media marketing strategy to get the most out of each platform. A social media plan maps out the content that would bring customers to your doorstep.

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