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As we go further into the future, investing in SEO is more beneficial now for your business more than ever. Devoting efforts into organic SEO benefits any business by providing authority, reputation, and visibility to help attract new customers. Pursuing different SEO strategies will take time to grow organic traffic and produce the same goals. However, it can be hard to know where your business stands and what strategies are best to utilize and start with in SEO.

Understanding local and national SEO is a good place to start. Businesses differentiate in factors and characteristics that separate them from their competitors. Local and national SEO have a purpose in common in optimizing search engines and characterizing which strategy is more effective for specific businesses to use.

Both types of SEO strategies share similar principles in ranking higher on search engines and receiving the maximum amount of traffic. They also differ in factors such as producing content or how they reach a certain goal. With all these different factors, how do you know which SEO platform is best for your business to use?

Local SEO

Local SEO services optimize a business’ online presence to rank for local searches. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, local SEO increases exposure to local customers online and influences local markets. Especially crucial for brick and mortar businesses, it ensures an online presence for physical locations is prominent. When competing with larger brands on a national level is challenging, local SEO is essential to take full advantage of local customer base.

Optimizing your online presence with local SEO drives traffic from specific locations, targeting potential customers within a specific geographic area. This approach includes listing your business on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Manta, and engaging in social campaigns to improve rankings and visibility. Direct interaction with local customers, reputation management, and review transparency play a large role in local SEO success. Strategies also focus on ranking for locational queries to attract local traffic.


National SEO extends your reach, driving website traffic & conversions on a national or global scale, suitable for businesses serving a broader customer base beyond geographical constraints. Few businesses require a national SEO campaign, which combines local tactics with additional marketing strategies for a broader audience. National SEO campaigns, being more complex and competitive, require a significant focus on brand strength to compete against other national brands.

Stepping into national SEO means targeting a wider audience, dealing with more competition, and focusing on brand improvement to enhance SEO efforts. This involves a mix of local tactics and comprehensive marketing strategies, making it a hybrid approach. Despite its complexity and cost, with the right strategies, including high-quality content and robust marketing tools, national SEO can significantly enhance your business’s online visibility and competitive edge.

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Local SEO Strategies

When planning your local SEO strategies, determining where your potential customers live, understanding what appeals to them, and establishing your business as part of a local community is essential. Local SEO helps you establish a competitive advantage, gaining more customers through investing in local search, which requires ongoing SEO maintenance.

Strategies for improving local SEO include:

  • Constantly checking and updating your Google My Business information.
  • Using the name of your city consistently throughout your website.
  • Creating profiles on social media websites with all your business contact information.
  • Including your city’s name within website content.
  • Making pages on your website for each physical location.
  • Focusing on geo-specific keywords within their targeted area to reach potential customers.

These strategies aim to enhance your visibility in local markets, which is often less competitive and allows for quicker results, especially for newer companies or those with less domain authority.

National SEO Strategies

National SEO strategies should be strategic, methodical, robust, and aimed at promoting your brand across a broader audience. High-quality content is key to running and ranking your site for national SEO.

Key strategies for national SEO include:

  • Building a well-designed and mobile-friendly website.
  • Making your website search engine friendly with on-page SEO techniques like meta tags, heading tags, and URL strings.
  • Utilizing keywords, keyword research, and keyword mapping to optimize specific pages on your website against competitors.
  • Creating high-quality content that provides value to build backlinks through guest posts, content outreach, and infographics.

National campaigns typically have larger budgets, allowing for more resources in managing social platforms and competing against major brands. Despite its complexity and the comprehensive effort required, employing the right tools and content marketing strategies can lead to significant growth and success in national SEO.


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