Passion into a Profession with Communion Wine Co.

Waypoint and Jeremy embarked on the discovery process together. There was no template for a company like Communion Wine Co. They listened to his elevator pitch, supported his dream and dug deeper to grasp all the intricacies of Jeremy’s passion and vision.

The Goal: Jeremy no longer had the network or organization of the church to influence his plan. His step was bold and Waypoint’s team provided expert guidance and support, then together they created specific and measurable goals.

Implementation: Jeremy was never left hanging or in the dark. Waypoint developed a strategic plan that gave him full confidence knowing he was launching his company in the right way.

Jeremy has discovered a true partner for his company in Waypoint. It’s a relationship of trust that he’s discovered on his own and away from his former church role.

His Oregon tours and Arizona events sell out regularly. Waypoint continues to guide his digital marketing journey as he explores new markets in California and prepares to sell Communion Wine Co. products from the website.

Lifestyle and Event Photography by @northhousecreative