Launching the Durango Tent with Stout Tent

Stout Tent as been a long time partner of Waypoints. We have been through projects, campaigns, website developments and everything in between! When they decided to create a unique tent sewn and developed right here in the USA, we jumped on the chance to help create the promotional elemtns to match the quality and stature of the Durango Tent.

The Durango is the product of a collaboration between Jim Stout, co-founder of Stout Tent, and Dave Ellis, owner of Ellis Canvas Tents and one of the last true tent engineers in the United States. Tucked away in a small shop in Durango, CO, Jim and Dave worked long hours together poring over the final design and hand sewing hundreds of yards of U.S. sourced canvas. Across the country in Vermont, Nordic Spruce trees were harvested for the tent’s poles.

The results of this collaborative effort speak for themselves. With its buttery, tan canvas, and soft wooden poles, The Durango is as beautiful as it is practical. Leave the sides down to easily keep it warm on a cool night, or raise them up for a roomier, still covered, gathering space. The Spruce poles are perfect for hanging lights and other decor.

Photography provided by Stout Tent