Android and iPhone. Nike and Adidas. Coke and Pepsi. Star Wars and Star Trek. It’s doesn’t take a genius to know that these pairs are competitors, going head to head in their industries. One company against another, fighting to be the best.

Did you notice how we listed them though? Android AND iPhone. We could have easily put a “versus”. In fact, it would have made more sense to list them that way. But something changes when we use “and”. The word “and” invites, includes, and adds. “And” gives us more.

What if we viewed competition as “and” rather than “versus”? Having an “and” attitude opens our eyes to see our competitors in a new light. We can learn a lot from our competitors, and it starts in these four ways…

#1. Be Aware

We’re not going to assume that everyone is coming from the same place. Perhaps, you don’t think you have competition or maybe you don’t know who your competition is in your field. Do some research. Be aware of others who share the same passions, goals, services, and audience.

#2. Be Observant

Once you know who your competition is, it can be difficult not to immediately obsess over their every move. Take a deep breath. Understand that you don’t have to be afraid. Set healthy boundaries. Don’t get caught up in analyzing and anticipating their every move that you forget the path you’re on. When competition becomes an obsession, it weakens your decision-making.

#3. Be Inspired

Obsessing can quickly turn into copying if we’re not careful. You will never be like your competitor. No matter how you try. You can copy them in every single way, but at the end of the day, there is only one. Find that line between copying them and using them as inspiration. Copying isn’t always obvious. Sometimes it’s seeps into little ideas or concepts. Remember your goals and chase after them instead of chasing after your competitor. Be inspired by what they do and use that as motivation to come up with something great as well.

#4. Be Motivated

Competition can come from those who are inferior and superior to you and your company. If your competitor is superior to you, that’s okay. Not everyone can be the top dog. If that’s your main goal, you may be chasing after an impossible dream. Don’t hear that you shouldn’t try to beat the competition. Again, find that line. Don’t be obsessed or frustrated that you’re not the best. Use your competitor’s successes to motivate you to get better in your field.

You have a lot to offer in your specific field, and so do your competitors. This world needs your creativity AND their creativity. When we have a healthy awareness and observation of our competition, we can be motivated to reach new heights in this world.

Viewing our competition as an “and” rather than a “versus”

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