Do you ever feel that numb feeling after you complete a project? You know that post-project lull where you feel accomplished, yet totally exhausted and slightly worried about what you’re going to do next. You might even wonder…will I be able to come up with something else?

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

-Maya Angelou

This week our team went to a paint studio to put our right brain to use. Each person picked their own canvas size and background color. The weird part was that we chose background colors and started painting before we knew what picture we wanted to paint. It seemed odd to commit to something before knowing what the end result would be, but in the end, everyone’s paintings turned out wonderful! Some painted an image of a sweet treat while others painted a nature scene.

Ideas don’t always come full force. Sometimes you only get a seed. You may have no idea what will come of it, but you have two options. You can plant it and see what grows, or you can throw it away and potentially miss the beautiful reward.

Not every idea will work out, but if we don’t risk the potential failure, we will never experience when those seed ideas do blossom into amazing realities.

Here are four simple ways to help you find your next idea…

# 1: Get up

Mind-blowing concept, right? But seriously, get up! You’re not going to find your next idea just by sitting there. Go out and experience life!

#2: Expect great things

Too often we miss inspiration because we’re either not looking for it or we don’t believe it will happen. A positive attitude can make a huge difference when it comes to creativity.

#3: Collaborate with others

In our last post, we shared that creativity was never meant to be done in isolation. This idea makes some people uneasy. What if all of our ideas run out or get stolen? Again, if we live in fear of the unknown, we miss out on the good that awaits us.

#4: Find your muse

Who or what inspires you? Spend some time investing in your muse. If you don’t know what your muse is, do something that brings you joy and energy.

One of the best smells during the Arizona springtime is orange blossoms. They fill the air with a rich and soothing smell. It’s powerful and awe-inspiring. Even something as simple as nature can be helpful to finding seed ideas. We can’t control every time we get inspired, but by opening up our time and perspective, we allow ourselves a starting place to find seed ideas.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

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