Creative collaboration…two words that often go hand in hand. As an agency we collaborate in many ways. The first is within our team to create the best possible product for our clients. This form of collaboration comes easy as we work together and see each other as partners in the business. The next way we collaborate is with clients. We partner and dream with clients to take their big ideas and dreams and make them come to life. This is where we come to life as an agency! We love hearing the passion and heart behind ideas and working to make them a reality. For the most part these two forms of collaboration come pretty naturally. But what about reaching out and partnering with other agencies and individuals in the industry?

What is our fear of creative collaboration? Will our ideas be taken? Will we not get the credit? Will we run out of ideas if we use them on someone else?

We don’t have solid answers for those very valid questions but walk with me for a minute down this path of creative collaboration.

Creativity was never meant to be done in isolation. If it was it would be called art. Art is something we do for ourselves, and that is a very beautiful thing. But what if creative work as an agency was meant to be done in collaboration both internally and externally? Imagine what would happen if we call on industry partners and dream big for our clients by pulling together strengths in all areas. The best ideas in creative marketing come from conversation, dreams, and community, or in other words and simply put, collaboration!

We recently began doing some of this collaboration with other agencies. When approached with the combined goal of seeing the agencies and client win, amazing things happen! We no longer worry about running out of ideas. Instead, we approach ideas with a new lens, knowing the more we dream and collaborate the more ideas will flow freely. What’s rises to the top is creative work that changes the future of marketing.

So, who is that agency, blogger, designer, editor, writer, strategist, or so on that you have admired and wanted to partner with? What’s holding you back from reaching out and collaborating on a project for the good of the client and creativity?

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