The title of this post may seem like an obvious statement to you. “Of course, we are marketing towards our goal.” Today I want to address those of you who are new in your adventure or the folks who feel defeated, unable to get the results they want. Maybe you don’t see yourself in either camp, but hopefully this topic will reveal something new about your marketing ventures.

If we’re not careful, our marketing efforts can run off in different directions. In these moments, we forget who we are and what our purpose is, trying too hard to create awareness or gain sales. We run the risk of looking at other companies and trying to copy them, instead of looking inward and discovering who we are and what makes us different.

Executing a marketing plan with a purposeful goal is essential to advancing your company.

But you may be asking, “Where do I start?” The best place to start is by evaluating your goal or mission statement.

“Your mission statement is the foundation. Although it may not play a direct role in your marketing activities, your mission statement focuses on your business goals and helps you make sure that the marketing activities you conduct support the business’s overall objectives.”

Alyssa Gregory, 10 Questions You Need to Answer to Create a Powerful Marketing Plan, The Balance

Your mission statement (or goal) is the glue that holds all of your marketing content together. When you post a meme on social media or send an email campaign, everything should flow from your goal and engage with your target audience. With a foundational goal and a calculated marketing plan, you can reach new customers and stay in front of current customers.

Perhaps, you’re just starting out or maybe you’ve been in business so long that you can’t remember your goal. Before you dive into a detailed marketing plan, first you have to evaluate whether or not your efforts are pointing back to your original goal. To discover your goal, answer this question: what are you trying to accomplish and why?

Once you can confidently answer that question, you can begin constructing an intentional marketing plan around your goal. Creating a marketing plan might sound intimidating, but a simple way to start is by asking what, who, why, and how.

Schedule a time to sit down with your team, discuss where you are, brainstorm goals, and create action steps to accelerate your goals.

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