Brands like Coke, Nike, and Apple have accomplished what many dream of. They have developed not only a successful business but a desirable lifestyle. When you drink a Coke, wear Nike, or use Apple, it’s a part of you. Looking at the product, you don’t see a company. You see yourself – your memories, taste, lifestyle, and journey.

Reaching that level of branding seems unattainable, but I’m sure there were many days that Coke, Nike, and Apple felt exactly the same way. The best place to start is to define and assess your brand.

Your brand includes anything from your logo to your latest social media post and everything in between. It’s your identity and voice; it’s the way you present yourself to the public and how they in return view you. Best-selling author Seth Godin said it best:

“Great marketers don’t make stuff. They make meaning.”

Think about this…many potential clients want what you have to offer, so why does it seem so difficult to receive interest? It’s possible that your brand might actually be driving people away. Having a well-defined, visually appealing, meaningful brand can attract customers and transform them into dedicated followers and advocates of your brand.

Want to see how your brand is doing? Take some time to reflect on these questions…
• What is your brand currently communicating?
• Do all of your marketing efforts connect to your brand?
• How is your brand inviting people into your story?
• What do you want your company to be known for?

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