Jason Ake, Founder & Creative Director…

Prior to launching Waypoint Creative, I had the privilege of leading the Creative Team at Central Christian Church of Arizona for seven years. Over the course of that time, I learned many things about being a creative, leading creatives, and cultivating creativity. Each of these areas have led myself and the team to build a community that will never stop creating. That’s the thing about creativity it never stops, and just when you think that you have hit your peak, the next era of creatives is quickly approaching. If you stop pushing yourself to grow, then you will be passed up.

Being a creative can be a heavy title that carries unnecessary burdens (but more on that in a future post). A creative is someone that sees the world differently. A creative desires to create things, no matter what that thing is, and make it better than before. Anyone can be a creative, but like most skills it takes practice, dedication, and the willingness to fail.

I have led many types of teams in my life, but leading creatives has proven to be the most challenging and yet the most rewarding. It forces you to tap into deep insecurities and the desire to be independent. Let me explain…

  1. Tapping into the deepest insecurities: Leading creatives is difficult because you are in an environment where it is easy to compare, and since the work is so personal, feeling inadequate can be a daily struggle. The good news is, once you accept the fact that everyone feels this way, you can put this feeling aside and thrive.
  2. The innermost desire to be independent: The majority of creatives are introverted by nature which can be a setback for group creativity. The more you open up and let creativity become a community affair, you will begin to see a whole new level of creativity.

Cultivating creativity is not always easy especially when you spend much of your time creating routine elements. But my goal is to challenge my team to make these elements the most creative we can. Each of the creatives on the Waypoint Team are motivated differently. Like crops you do not cultivate them all the same. As the person who is trying to cultivate the greatest amount of creativity out of each of them, I desire to find the method that lets each creative thrive to their fullest extent.

How is your team cultivating creativity? I encourage you to get to know your team on an individual and collective basis. Learn how to best challenge and support them to never stop creating.

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