When I think of sales, my mind immediately goes to a door-to-door salesman or a telemarketer that won’t take me off their call list. Nobody likes to be cornered or pressured into buying something. When it comes to marketing, how do we effectively sell without being a salesman? I would suggest that storytelling is the new direction.

Consider this…

  • Salesmen give customers sales pitches, while storytellers invite customers on a journey.
  • Salesmen get sales, while storytellers get sales and referrals.
  • Salesmen get random customers, while storytellers get followers.

Though I’m sure I know the answer, but which would you rather be?

Storytellers grab our attention, cause us to feel, and leave a lasting, memorable impression.

Remember these Subaru commercials…

Did you notice that Subaru didn’t talk about their product? Instead, they told a story that showcases their values as well as their product. Through these commercials, you see the long-lasting dependability of Subaru cars as they pass from generation to generation. You see a family, a life, and an adventure that could be yours.

Subaru could have told us all the ways that their cars are better than their competitors, but they understand it’s more effective to tell a story than to give a sales pitch. It is stories like these that capture our attention and leave us wanting more.

What story are you telling?

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