This might be an obvious topic, but I can’t remind myself often enough. In my line of work, everything is done at the computer. The research, the communication, the procrastination and of course, the actual design itself. A full eight hours of screen-time can often result in more than just a pair of strained eyes. It inevitably causes me to feel drained and unfocused. Certainly not fit to exercise creative thought.

That’s why I’m proposing that your mother was right all along. Going outside is good for your mind. If you are not currently into the habit of taking a few sunshine breaks a day, you’d be amazed what a little fresh air can do for your soul.

How it works.

Do I really need to explain this to you?

Next time you have a gap in your schedule, you’ve just completed a project, or you’re stuck trying to think of a new idea, take five minutes to step outside and leave all your work behind. Don’t go out with an agenda; this isn’t a time do some sketches or inner brainstorming. Don’t even bring something to read, just be. Lie down in the grass. Walk around the parking lot. Feed the ducks.

Here’s the bonus advantage, often when we stop trying to think of a great idea is exactly when inspiration comes. However, you should not go out with this intent. One cannot manufacture an accidental epiphany on purpose.

On any given day you may find yourself up against the elements. Too hot, too cold, too windy, rain, wind, sleet. But if the postman can deal with it so can you. Put on a coat and enjoy the shifting of environments.

By now you’re probably biting at the bit to stop reading this and get out there so who am I to stop you. Enjoy.

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