So you want to be creative, eh? Funny you came to me for advice, I just wrote this poem about creativity! Read it and you’ll be all set:

What do you see,

What do you hear,

How does it change up your view?

What’s on your mind,

What makes you laugh,

Take us to journey along too!

Thinking too hard,

Forcing your art,

Never inspires brand new.

Find a good seat,

Kick up your feet,

On a blank canvas just spew!

Don’t be alarmed,

Don’t be too scared,

Sometimes it’s tricky, it’s true!

You might get stuck,

Brains do freeze up,

Soon you’ll be back with your woo.

Those who don’t quit,

Those who keep on,

Want to know what they will do?

They’ll craft the words

They’ll sing the songs

They’ll be the ones to break through.

Paving the way,

Sharing their say,

Did you know that could be you?

I love writing silly songs and poems. My family would vouch for me that each email I send them, each birthday card I send their way is bound to include a poem of some sort (or a sweet, hip rap because I’m really cool like that…but I’m not ready to be that vulnerable with you yet.) I love not taking myself too seriously. And you know what? There are two benefits from this:

  1. It brings joy, creativity, and laughter to others (I love making people laugh…even if it’s at me. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me how weird I was–in a loving and endearing way I’m sure–I could probably retire…last year…and I’m 24).
  2. It often sparks creative projects that are actually serious and meaningful.

My advice to all who are seeking ways to be creative is to write a silly poem. It’s just plain fun. Or do something silly and creative in a non-stressful environment. Better yet, try to incorporate that into the next birthday card or email you write. I’m telling you, it doesn’t disappoint. Go be creative! What if it’s less intimidating than we make it out to be?

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