When creative professionals share their process on innovative projects, it’s always a fantastic opportunity to learn.  What was the initial inspiration and perspective?  Why did they make certain choices?  Did they feel the finished product accomplished the intended goal?

Being inspired and discovering new ways to effectively communicate ideas is at the heart of creating and sharing stories.  While listening to a cinematographer podcast recently, a topic came up that raised an interesting question.  If every creative individual gravitates to a certain style or favors a certain artistic look, how much is being consciously or in some cases unconsciously curated in terms of a creative tendency?   

What if finding inspiration became more than just a point of discovery, but a more conscious effort to further hone an original artistic voice?  Inspiration is everywhere and as Jeremy mentioned, looking beyond typical avenues in a given medium can yield incredibly rewarding results.  Equally as important to discovery is the ability to curate, and discard what may not be beneficial.   

From a cinematographers perspective, developing a style is very important in acquiring work.  If a director or ad agency imagine a project with a certain artistic feel, they will look for a creative professional that has refined a specific look that fits the desired tone of the piece.  This is true not only in commercial work and film, but across all creative disciplines.  Be inspired.  Search for different perspectives.  Learn with each new project and curate inspiration at every opportunity.

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