Every new creative project brings a unique set of challenges. Arguably the greatest is maintaining the initial vision through to the final produced piece. Every opportunity to communicate the visual message can either be strengthened or inhibited by hundreds of little decisions throughout the entire process. Momentum was no exception. Early on we decided to take more of a creative risk and capture the choreography on location instead of utilizing a typical studio environment. With the introduction of an expansive exterior, the movement and story of the dance would be accentuated by the surrounding mountain landscape. Making the decision to shoot on location wasn’t necessarily difficult from a creative perspective. From a technical standpoint, it introduced new challenges, primarily working with the available light on location.

“And while natural light is very complex because it’s constantly changing — which can be a problem for continuity — it’s beautiful”   – Emmanuel Lubezki  

Utilizing natural light is very specific, especially narrowing the amount of time available to capture the choreography. In Momentum, the dancers had been rehearsing for weeks leading up to the shoot, and our approach was to capture their choreography from different perspectives that would connect with the surrounding location. Since we would be racing against the fading light, we had multiple cameras set up for maximum coverage while other specific shots were planned for key moments in the dance.LightingPlot2


Meeting creative challenges and maintaining the vision through to the end is a very rewarding experience. As a team we learned from these experiences and continue to grow in our craft. Was every creative decision the right one? Probably not, but every opportunity is a chance to further refine the process of the visual message – one little decision at a time.

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